Everbeta will help you develop your identity and your portfolio of creative assets in order for them to be deployed both online and offline.  While working as a contractor for some Manhattan’s largest ad agencies in the 1990’s, Everbeta’s founder and lead designer Colin Goldberg produced sites for brands such as Snapple, Popular Science Magazine, and Merrill Lynch. Working directly with business owners and stakeholders, Everbeta brings this experience level to each and every one of our clients – at a fraction of the cost of working with a larger agency.


Everbeta - Branding & IdentityYour brand’s identity should not be an accident or an afterthought; it is the DNA of your business. Everbeta’s aim is to help our clients define and refine a brand identity that reflects the nature of their business as well as its target market. We achieve this through in-depth client interviews, and some serious brainstorming. Your visual identity and positioning statement should work together to deliver a clear, concise, and memorable representation of what your brand represents. Click here for some samples.


A strong online presence is not an option anymore, it is a necessity. In fact, we here at Everbeta view the online component as the core of any business development campaign. Your website is available 24/7, providing the  information that informs your potential customers, and helping sell your products or services. Of course, a website alone will do little without the support of a focused traffic development effort, but first thing’s first: you need a top-notch website.


The idea that “if you build it, they will come” is one that exists only in the movies. Over the last 20 years, Everbeta has developed a methodology that starts with defining a strong organizational identity, developing an online property that is built around achieving business goals, and delivering targeted traffic to that property. Effective use of social media, pay-per-click campaigns using vehicles such as Google AdWords and the effective use of traditional media such as radio and print are all tools in Everbeta’s traffic development arsenal.

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