Eric Singleton: Merrill Lynch

“It’s been a few years, so I’m sure his expertise has evolved considerably since we last worked together, but I hired Colin as a designer/web producer on the team responsible for Merrill Lynch’s corporate marketing website (www.ml.com) and employee intranet. His responsibilities included determining creative direction for various subsections of the site, graphic design, coding, and animation/video, as well as interacting directly with managers and executives client side. His aesthetic sensibilities, well rounded skillset and strong communication skills made him an excellent fit for the job.”

Eric Singleton, Partner, Mutant Media NYC

Dominic Schmitt: Times Mirror Magazines

“Colin cares tremendously about his work and shows a great tenacity for detail. He adapts easily to many editorial and artistic challenges. His creativity comes in the most unexpected ways and he is a true pleasure to have around the office. I would certainly welcome the chance to have Colin provide creative and technical direction on any of my projects.”

Dominic Schmitt
Former Director, Multimedia, Times Mirror Magazines. Currently VP, Business Development, Adtuitive

Dr. D. Bradley Jones: The Institute For The Psychoanalytic Study of Subjectivity

Our Institute was looking to upgrade an old existing website. We wanted a sophisticated, classic look to reflect our Institute’s scholarly atmosphere. We also wanted something accessible and easy to navigate. Colin was tireless in his pursuit of the right look and design for us, and easily handled our every request. What I found most appealing about Colin was his deft ability for patience. He never got irritated or annoyed with our many shifts and changes, and his ability to teach me WordPress in order to manage the site content has been stress free and enjoyable. I am so pleased to have found Colin, and have hired him to redesign the site for my personal practice as well.

Dr. D. Bradley Jones, Psy.D, LCSW | Visit IPSSNY.ORG

Steve Miller: Fine Artist

“I have worked with Colin Goldberg since 1993. Colin introduced me to the Internet and encouraged me to buy my domain www.stevemiller.com which I grabbed by taking his advice and getting there early. This is pretty typical of Colin. He is always ahead of the curve and got my website up and running by January 1997. He taught me about server statistics, how to get to the top of the pecking order with search engines and how to make the navigation intuitively easy. My site has a randomized introduction and homepage; this keeps the entry to my website different every time you log on. The impressive ability of Colin to write customized code is something of which I took advantage. What’s great about Colin is his knowledge and his understanding that the content of a site needs a logical structure and then the data and design can be applied to a well organized base. His design skills are unlimited . Our continual exchange of ideas has led to a lasting friendship and my continual recommendation of his work to many other of my creative peers.”

Steve Miller, Artist | Visit stevemiller.com